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Mic Stand Base Flange


 Use this flange to screw your mic stand to a floor, ceiling or any 

fixed installation. 

Flange is 3 inches in diameter and threaded for any Atlas?/font> stand 

or stand with 

7/8"x27 threads


  $35 + shipping


Mic Stand Quick Release

The bottom piece screws 

onto the mic stand

 The top piece screws into the mic clip.

Pop the mic clip off your stand and go on the move

 Pop it back on the stand when you're done

  Or use it to switch microphones fast and easy.

Works great with the Shure Elvis mic!


  $35 + shipping

Mic Stand Speaker Adapter


Allows you to use a regular mic stand to hold Fender Passport?/font> or similar speakers


$35/pair + shipping