Glow Stand

 See the video on youtube

Li Ion battery powered     
2 hours run time on charge or 6+ hours on deluxe battery pack
Lights chase, pulse and flicker.
Wireless Remote Control for Manual Color Change; Auto Color Change; Flash; Rainbow Effect; Slow to Fast Color Strobing; On/Off
39-inch Tube polycarbonate tubing for the glowing portion of the stand.
Tube removable from base allowing you to walk freely on stage with it.
96 LED's
15 Colors plus White
Rainbow color effect

One thing I will say up front is that the stand only lights up in 270 degrees. There is a "blind spot", which isn't fully dark, but is noticeably dimmer than the rest of the tube.  The tube is about 2 inches in diameter.  It comes with a charger for the battery.

Glow stand with 2 hr battery pack                                                                                     $275 + shipping
Glow stand with 6+ hr battery pack                                                                                   $320 + shipping

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